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    *Note: Due to high demand, orders placed after 10/18 are not guaranteed to be delivered before Halloween.

    Step Up Your Halloween Game This Year! 🎃

    Become a real vampire with our Zaho®! The viral TikTok product everyone is going crazy for this year. Impress your friends and family with real lookalike fangs and be able to retract them whenever you want.

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    Leave Your Friends and Family Completely Mesmerized!

    Imagine the look on your friends and families face when you retract your fangs out of nowhere! Who wouldn't be scared????

    How To Use The Zaho®

    1. Heat your vampire fangs in boiling water and let them sit until the gum mould turns clear. (2 mins in water)

    2. Place the fangs in your mouth and bite down on the square blocks, moulding your teeth shape.

    3. Move your tongue up or down against the bar to make the fags retract or pop out.

    4. You're all done, go scare the living hell out of someone!