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    Zaho Beauty Drive™

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    Beauty on the Go: Beauty Drive by Zaho™

    Perfectly designed to suit your car visor - strap it on and it'll light you up. It has 3 adjustable settings, ensuring perfect illumination for quick touch-ups, makeup application, or prepping for important moments.

    Your anytime, anywhere beauty companion, simply strap it onto your sun visor.

    Dual Light Makeup Perfection

    Illuminate your beauty effortlessly with dual warm and cool light options, to help you attain your desired makeup at any time of the day or place.

    Tap the left button for warmth, the right for coolness, or both for perfection.

    Easy Installation, Universal Glamour

    Beauty Drive™ features a universal clip-on design, seamlessly attaching to any car or truck visor, making it easier to look your best.

    Featuring a built-in battery with a Type-C cable, for easy in-car charging. With a remarkable service life of up to 50,000 hours, it's your enduring beauty companion.