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    Universal Car Turbo Sound Whistle

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    This product is suitable for all automobile models and brands. We cooperate with  
    more than 50,000 automobile modification brands around the world

    After the installation of an ordinary car, it will sound the same as a sports car, making you the focus of the road.(Superimposed use, the effect is better)

    • Enhanced Edition 2.0 (Oversized Roar) 
    • 5 minutes of installation is Complete
    •  Please check and re-tighten the bolt regularly. 


    • After installed this product, the pressure blowing out of your exhaust will make your vehicle sounds like a turbo vehicle with the turbo system or blow off valve.
    • Made of high quality aluminum, light weight and durable. 
    • Easy to install on the car's tailpipe . 

    •  Loosen the bolt on the Turbo Sound Whistle. 
    • Insert the the Turbo Sound Whistle into the tailpipe. 
    • Tighten the bolt so as not to fall off while driving. 
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