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    Ultrasonic Cleaner

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    Still worried about not being able to clean dirt from your glasses?

    •  Using the technology of ultra high frequency waves this cleaner generates thousands of air bubbles to use vibration to clean your products. 


    ✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Both glasses and jewelry are easy to clean in this handy device!

    This product is suitable for cleaning glasses, jewelry, teeth aligners, makeup brushes and any other waterproof appliance.

    ✅ USER-FRIENDLY: The Ultrasonic Cleaner™ cleans at the touch of a button.


    ✅ DEEP CLEANING: Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, everything is thoroughly cleaned!

    ✅ SUPER FAST: The Ultrasonic Cleaner™ ensures that everything is spotless within 3 minutes.


    • Product size: 7.32'' x 2.84'' x 2.67''
    • Tank size: 5.98'' x 2.13'' x 1.42''
    • Product color: White
    • Timing time: 3 minutes
    • Material: PP
    • Power supply: AAA batteries