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    Gym & Home Videos

    Whether you're looking for an easy way to record your workouts, or if you're looking to record make-up tutorials, the NanoCase™ has you covered every step of the way.

    TikTok & Selfies

    Actually having to hold your phone to take a selfie in the mirror is a thing of the past! TikToks, selfies, and full-blown photo shoots don't get easier than this.

    Skyline Timelapse

    Professional photographer or professional Instagram-er, the NanoCase™ will help you capture some of the most gorgeous pictures, without even using your hands.


    Will The NanoCase Stick To My Hand?

    No, it won't stick to your hand at all. By using innovative nano-suction technology, the NanoCase will only stick to walls, mirrors, etc.

    What Happens If I Get The NanoCase Dirty?

    If you happen to get dirt on the back suction area, that's not a problem at all. Simply wash off the dirt with a wet towel, let it dry, and it'll be able to stick again with ease!

    Can I Still Use My Wireless Charger?

    Yes! The NanoCase doesn't interfere with wireless charging at all. Even with the case on, you can still use your wireless charger the same as you would normally.