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    The Magic Array Wireless Charger™

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    Compatible for iPhone, AirPods, & Samsung Galaxy

    The Best Birthday, Christmas, Holiday, Home Decor Gift Ever!

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    The Most Fascinating Wireless Charger on the Market!

    This Wireless Charging Pad gives your phone magical protection while juicing up. It also allows you to magically charge your phone without tangled wires and lost charging cables.

    This Charging Pad instantly animates a magical circle when you place your phone on it. It may not summon a magical character like you always want to be but it will summon your mobile battery up to 100%.

    This magical array charger makes a perfect gift for your friends and family, especially those who love sci-fi movies or novels and video games. Plus, its unique and delicate design also makes a good decoration for your desktop without cable tangling problem. 


    • With non-slip silicone for stable placement of your device.
    • Adopts smart identification system, just put down to charge.
    • 10W fast charging
    • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
    • Short-circuit protection of the receiver to avoid overcharge & overheating, security and reliability
    • Work well with all Qi-Enable Devices. If wireless charging isn’t available for your phone, you can use a wireless charger receiver instead, allowing even much older devices to support wireless charging
    • Size: 10in. diameter x 0.7in thick


    •     1 x Wireless Charger
    •     1 x USB Cable