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    The Coolest Lighters

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    A Modern Take On A Classic Essential

    This is a very different kind of lighter. If you're looking to show-off or just want a cool collectible, this is the lighter.

    Just imagine someone asks you for a light and you whip this thing out. 

    Take your time filling it up. It holds quite a bit of lighter fluid but takes it in very slowly.

    You bring this around any of your friends or to any parties, and the lighters guaranteed to start some conversations.

    It's easy to light candles with and what not, but honestly the coolest part is simply fidgeting with it. It's mesmerizing to just stare at the red flame.

    • Unique Red Colored Flame
    • Refillable & Reusable - Fill with butane
    • Adjustable Flame Size
    • Windproof - Stays lit in a breeze
    • Durable Full Metal Construction

    *Due to transport regulations, all lighters come empty of butane