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    Screwless Attachable Door Lever Lock

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    ✔️ Intalls in 10 Seconds.

    ✔️ Withstands up to 100Kg.

    ✔️ Leaves no marks behind when removed.

    ✔️ Gives you all the privacy you need.

    A Product that helps you by having no more invasion of privacy!

      If you have family/friends members who consistently lack the efforts of your own space we have the solution for you, the product consists of a 3 second instalment that instantly can begin its usage with zero marks left behind to the door, for best results leave overnight to gain best possible grip. 

      This can be used in your family home, Any sort of accommodation or shared housing, this product can even be used to lock away dangerous locations from children and or pets. Making its uses endless giving you a highly value product that can resolve multiple day to day issues in seconds!