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    Punch Free Multifunctional Mop Holder

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    Revolutionize Your Space with Our Wall-Mounted Mop Holder


    ✅ Silicone Anti-Slip Technology:
    Our Wall-Mounted Mop Holder is engineered with high-quality silicone grips that ensure your mop stays in place without slipping. No more worrying about mops and brooms falling over and creating clutter. Enjoy the peace of mind that your cleaning tools will stay securely in place every time.

    ✅ No Nails, No Drills – Hassle-Free Installation:
    Say goodbye to the hassle of drills, nails, and messy installations. Our Mop Holder mounts seamlessly without damaging your walls. Utilizing strong adhesive technology, it can be installed effortlessly on various surfaces including tiles, glass, painted walls, and more.

    ✅ Superior Weight Capacity:
    This holder is designed to withstand heavy loads. Whether you are hanging a lightweight broom or a heavier mop, our product provides superior support and stability. The super-strong adhesive ensures that it can carry significant weight without any problem, making it a reliable choice for household organization.

    ✅ Versatile for Various Sizes:
    From thin brooms to thick mops, our Wall-Mounted Mop Holder is versatile and accommodates a wide range of sizes. The adjustable grips can expand and contract to hold different handle diameters securely, ensuring one product satisfies all your needs.


    • Material: Premium Silicone, ABS
    • Dimensions: 33.4*8.8*4.7cm
    • Weight Capacity: Up to 10 kg (22 lbs)
    • Installation Type: Adhesive Mount (No Nails/Drills Needed)
    • Package Contents: 1 x Wall-Mounted Mop Holder, 2 x Adhesive Strips, Installation Instructions