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    Pets Life Jacket

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    The Life Vest Every Dog Needs

    Dogs are natural-born swimmers but that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen. SharkPal gives every owner peace of mind knowing their pet will stay safe in the deep waters!

    Equipped with a D-ring at the top, you can always keep your pal on a leash even in the water and easily spot them when they run off thanks to the cute shark fin and reflective material!

    SharkPal doesn’t restrict their movement in the water, so they can enjoy swimming as much as you! One vest can make all the difference so make sure you are both prepared!



    Always stay afloat- You don’t have to swim alone anymore, enjoy the open seas alongside your dog without risking their safety!

    Outrun the fish- Thanks to its unrestricted design, your pal can easily swim around while staying perfectly visible and afloat at all times!

    Swim with the sharks- Apart from ensuring your dog stays safe, SharkPal gives an adorable sharky look to your swimming companion!

    SharkPal is the ultimate choice- Enjoy your days at the beach or pool with your dog without ever fearing for their safety in the water!