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    Motorcycle Electric Helmet Wiper

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    Every biker's dream is a warm sunny day and an open road ahead with no worries in the mind. But sometimes you just can’t avoid riding a motorcycle in the rain for example; if you are on the way to your work, on your Sunday trip, or maybe if you are a pizza delivery guy, motorbike courier.

    This electric windshield wiper is suitable for installation on helmets to help clear the rain and make the riding vision clear.

    • In heavy rain, the rider can’t see the traffic clearly. At night the situation gets even worse. Riding a motorcycle in the rain can be dangerous
    • Sure, there are already some products on the market, such as the finger wiper, special coatings for helmet visors, but this product took it to the next level.
    • Universal motorcycle helmet electric wiper Motor helmet windshield wiper Compatible with most visors.
    • Waterproof, electric wiper, provide convenience for your travel, solve the problem of riding on rainy days.
    • Suitable for most motorcycle and electric vehicle helmets.
    • Excellent material and unique design make you stand out on the way.
      Easy installation: This product is very easy to install, no additional tools are needed, and the installation process is very convenient.



    • Type: Motorcycle helmet Electric wiper
    • Color: black
    • Material: plastic
    • Charging power: 5 V 1A
    • Rated working voltage: 5V
    • Rated power: 2W
    • Battery capacity: 600MA
    • The endurance is about 6 hours
    • Package Weight:200g

    Package list
    1* helmet electric wiper
    1* Fixing frame (with fixing glue)
    1 *screw
    1*installation accessories
    1* charging line
    1*Helmet cleaner
    1*Helmet cleaning spray