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    Mascara Shield Guard 3 in 1

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    The NEW mascara guard!

    Your must-have tool to put an end to mascara mess-ups once & for all!

    You'll never have to deal with mascara marks or mess-ups again! This brilliant, comfortably contoured shield protects your lids and eye-shadow while also amplifying lash curl.

     Amazing Features

    • Perfect Protection - This multi-purpose tool protects your upper and lower eyelids from mascara smudges and also prevents mascara clumps on your eyelashes.
    • Eye-line Shield - It helps you to have precise and flawless eye-line when drawing with free hand. It will reduce the time you spend each morning getting ready for your day.
    • Small & Portable - The shield tool is tiny and portable to carry and you can use it for daily use wherever you are.


    🎯 Place this mascara applicator shield behind lashes. Make sure that the edge of the Mascara Guard is lined along their roots.

    🎯 Carefully press this DIY mascara shield guard against your lashes.

    🎯 Proceed to apply mascara.

    🎯 To do your bottom lashes, place the Mascara Guard beneath before applying mascara.

    🎯 Wipe the guard in between sessions, or whenever needed.