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    Magic Wallet

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    MiniMagic Tutorial

    Step 1: Place the bill on any side of the straps.

    Step 2: Fold the wallet. 

    Step 3: Watch the straps magically hold the bill in place.

    Magic Wallet

    Magic Wallet is a young, a dynamic, international company at the forefront of wallet craftsmanship. Thanks to our specialization in wallets, we offer top-tier quality at fair prices. We are waiting for you!


    What's the "trick" with the magic wallet?

    The "Magic Wallet" is where sophistication meets functionality. Our wallet, designed for the modern gentleman, features secure elastic straps, to witch when you place the bill on the straps and fold the wallet, the straps are crossed and magically hold the bill in place.

    Why Magic Wallet?

    As a International Company committed to lasting customer satisfaction, we prioritize swift delivery, complimentary shipping, and above all, prompt customer support. Your satisfaction is our priority! 🚚🌍📞

    Which leather do you use?

    We deeply value animal welfare, aligning with our customers' concerns. That's why our products are crafted from high-quality and durable PU leather – a vegan alternative that reflects our commitment to both ethics and excellence. 🌿👜

    How about the Shipping?

    As soon as we receive your order you will receive an order confirmation to your Email. You will then be given a tracking number that you can use to check your order information. We ship WorldWide so you wont need to worry about us not being able to ship to your country.