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    Polvo de Hadas™ Magic Highlighter

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    Create a magical look in seconds - no blending necessary!

    This professional high-end highlighter and body illuminator will help you create a magical look, and give a shimmering finish to your makeup!
    The innovative sponge foam tip distributes the highlighter evenly and blends with your makeup - no harsh contour edges!

    Why everyone goes crazy about the Polvo de Hadas™ Magic Highlighter:

    ✨ High-yield highlighter formula: High concentration of highlighter particles to make your face shimmer and sparkle with just one swipe

    ✨ Special sponge foam tip: Sponge foam tip is designed to apply highlighter more evenly without scattering and wasting.

    ✨ Does not clog pores: Polvo de Hadas™ Highlighter is non-greasy, has a refreshing texture, helps cover excess oil and does not clog pores.

    ✨ Multiple uses: Not only for the face and lips, but also suitable as a body highlighter for arms, collarbones, legs, shoulders and even hair!

    ✨ Long-lasting formula: Shimmers for up to 12 hours! After application, it adheres well to the skin and covers skin imperfections.

    ✨ Perfect for on the go: The pen is super lightweight, indestructible and fits perfectly in any handbag.



    Net Content: 9g
    Suitable for all skin types
    shelf time:3 years


    1x Polvo de Hadas™ Magic Highlighter of the chosen colors 


    Set of 3 (1x Fairy White + 1x Princess Pink + 1x Golden Brown)