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    Lemon Squeezer

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     Drizzle lemonade, more delicious

    Use with shrimp, salmon, cocktails, tea, vegetables, chicken, beef, etc.

    Easy to operate, very suitable for squeezing lemon and lime slices. Avoid spilling juice on your fingers.

    Easy alternative to sugary drinks

    If you regularly reach for sweetened, fruit-flavored beverages to quench your thirst, switching to lemon water could help you cut back on sugar without sacrificing flavor.Cutting back on sugary drinks brings a host of health problems.

    • Easy to clean, store and transport: simply rinse with water and store in a small space.
    • Ergonomic design: elegant bird -shaped design, put in lemon slices, press slightly, the lemonade is drinking instantly. Exquisite cooking and decoration devices. And it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, adding a little flavor to any food exhibition.

    Material: Acrylic

    size:l is 4.72 inches long x width is 1.38 inches wide x high is 2.01 inches high