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    LED Phone Case Anime

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    This Anime LED iPhone Case will protect your phone with the power of Manga Girl Light :3 The case features a plug that connects to your phone and will power the LEDs – when you get a message or a call, the case will light up! The case is also voice controlled and will light up when you speak close to it. With this special phone case you will sure stand out.

    The LED case will light up when:
    *you get a call
    *you get a message
    *you unlock the phone
    *you play music

    Unique Art & Premium Print
    Each case is a unique masterpiece; a high-quality UV inner-printed pattern, don't worry about the abrasion

    Ultra-Efficient Light Source
    Ultra-Efficient LED light source, 2% of battery for flashing all day and works for over 30,000 hours.

    Wireless Charging Compatible
    Super thin backplate enables your phone to work with wireless charger; no need to remove the case, just set your phone down and start charging.

    Package includes: LED Phone Case Anime