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    Hip Thrust Belt

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    With the  Hip Thrust Belt, you can now easily add hip thrusts to your in-home or on-the-go workouts.

    The  Hip Thrust Belt is the most comfortable and efficient way to hip thrust. With soft, slip resistant padding and the strength to hold up to 220lbs, the  Hip Thrust Belt will help you feel confident, comfortable and safe when building your booty.


    Q:Can anyone use the Hip Thrust Belt

    A:Yes! The Belt was designed so that no matter the size of your waist, it could work for you! When setting up the Belt, make sure that you pull the straps as tight to your hips as you can, then you're ready to hip thrust!

    Q:Can I use any type of weight?

    A:Yes! You can use any type of weight that you can securely loop the straps through. Our favorites are dumbbells', kettlebells, and plates!

    Q:How To Use The Hip Thrust Belt

    A:The Hip Thrust Belt is not only easy to use, but is also easy to set up! Check out this video to learn how to not only set up and use the Belt but also how to do a proper hip thrust.

    Why should you use the  Hip Thrust Belt?

    • No More Sore Hips

    Your booty is suppose to be sore after hip thrusts, not your hips! The Belt protects your hips and will never dig in like a barbell.

    • A Natural Balance

    The Belt is much more balanced than a barbell as it "hugs" your hips, allowing you to focus on your form and the movement rather than stabilizing an awkward barbell.

    • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Weight

    The Belt takes up far less room than a barbell and can be done from anywhere with any type of weight.Making perfect for any home gym.


    • EASY SET UP IN UNDER 20 SECONDS--The Belt is not only easy to use, but is also easy to set up! Simply loop the straps through or around whatever weights you are using and velcro them in place. Close the belt and you are ready to go!
    • ABILITY TO HOLD DUMBBELLS, KETTLEBELLS, AND PLATES--With versatility in mind, the Belt was built to hold any type of weight you may have at your home or use at the gym. No more waiting around for a rack and barbell, just grab dumbbells or kettlebells!

    • CAN HOLD UP TO 400LBS IN WEIGHT--The Belt’s nylon strap is one of the most important structural elements and we needed something uncompromisingly strong. Using the same material that seat belts are made from, the Belt is tear and cut resistant and can easily hold up to 220lbs.
    • USE ANYWHERE, ANYTIME--The Belt is extremely portable and can easily fit in your gym bag or even your carry-on sized suitcase. Being compatible with many different types of weights, you can use the Belt in any gym or at-home setting.

    • SLIP RESISTANT PADDING--The Belt was created to be the most comfortable way to do a hip thrust. We used soft padding with a grip to ensure that the belt stays in place while resting perfectly on your hips, allowing you to focus on your form and getting the most out of each rep.


    • 【Material】: leather
    • 【Color】: Black, Pink
    • 【Size】: 24*90cm
    • 【Weight】: 110g


    • Hip Thrust Belt