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    Frameless Large Window Gradient Case

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    The Frameless Large Window Gradient Case is the Case of the year! Genuine Gradient pattern is selected by quality, character, grain as well as texture. The special design allows you to enhance the original look of your phone your own stylish personality.

    With its sleek and slim profile, our case provides a comfortable grip and an exquisite feel. The frosted texture not only adds a touch of elegance but also prevents unsightly fingerprints and oil stains, keeping your phone looking clean and pristine at all times.

    Self-lens film: lens screen full package protection, glass lens film + screen high up protection, upgrade 8K explosion-proof lens, protection lens we are more professional, want to scratch are difficult

    What sets our phone case apart is its seamless compatibility with wireless charging. You can conveniently charge your phone without the hassle of removing the case, ensuring a seamless charging experience.

    Not only does our case offer style and protection, but it also acts as a shield for your device. It snugly fits around your phone, safeguarding it against dust, dirt, scratches, and accidental drops. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your phone is well-protected in any situation.

    Precise Cutout & Handle Feeling - With the precise cutouts and 1:1 perfectly fitting, you can easily access to all buttons of your phone case. Also adopting advanced technology which tightly applied to your phone case provides its silky texture which makes the handle fine and delicate.


    • Anti-fingerprint and without leave a trace.
    • Multi-color optional.
    • Comes with lens film protection.
    • Anti-wear, anti-scratch and anti-drop.

    Package includes

    1 x Frameless Large Window Gradient Case.