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    Flame Diffuser and Humidifier

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    Make your room look and smell great!

    Using a combination of LEDs, shadows and water vapour to create an ultra-realistic flame effect, the HumidifyingFlame Diffuser is guaranteed to light up any space in your home, whilst also making it smell great! 

    Option Color

    White/Black Version - Flame Color (Single)

    White/Black Pro version 7 color - flame color (color), support to customize any color (Red, blue, yellow, green, flame,purple, pink, etc.) or automatic gradient mode.

    Products include

    1. Diffuser*1

    2. Instructions for Use*1

    3. USB line*1


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the flame real?

    The flame isn't real. The combination of the LED lights and the water vapour from the diffuser create an ultra-realistic simulation flame effect.

    How does it work?

    To power the diffuser, simply plug the USB cable into the back of the device and any suitable power source.

    Fill the water tank up and add 2 or 3 drops of your favourite essential oil, perfume or cologne and you are good to go!

    How long will it run for?

    The diffuser can run nonstop for 8-13 hours depending on the location and humidity of the room!

    The best part is that it will automatically turn itself off once the water tank is empty!

    What size is it?

    Our diffuser is 10.1cm tall, 17.1cm wide and has a depth of 7.5cm. It has a total tank capacity of 180ml.

    Can i use essential oils for aromatherapy?

    Absolutely! Our diffuser is completely compatible with essential oils