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    Fast Heating Food Electric Warming Tray

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    Are you tired of your meals getting cold too quickly?

    Look no further! Our Food Warming Plate is here to rescue your dining experience. Designed with advanced technology, this innovative device keeps your food at the perfect temperature for longer periods of time, ensuring every bite is as delicious and satisfying as the first.



    🥗Temperature control
    A food warming plate is designed to maintain a consistent temperature for your meals. It allows you to keep your food warm without overcooking or drying it out.Warming plates come with adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to choose the desired level of heat for your food. 


    These plates can fit several dishes at once, and are often compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport. This makes them ideal for picnics, potlucks, or even outdoor dining.


    🧆Even heating
    The warming plates are equipped with heating elements that distribute heat evenly across the surface. This ensures that your food remains uniformly warm throughout, without any cold spots.


    🍛Food safety
    The plates are designed to maintain food at a safe temperature, preventing bacterial growth and foodborne illnesses. This is especially beneficial when keeping perishable items, such as dairy or meat dishes, warm for extended periods.


    These plates are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional stovetop heating methods. This helps in reducing electricity costs while still keeping your food warm.



    Material: Silicone

    Rated Power: 350W

    Rated Voltage: 220V/ 50Hz

    Color: White

    Open Size: 608*378mm

    Weight: 1.36kg

    Package Includes: 1 * Fast Heating Food Electric Warming Tray

    Convertible Plug:

    • Material:ABS + galvanized plate + aluminum feet
    • Rated voltage:110V-250V
    • Rated current:5A
    • Rated power: MA × 1000W
    • Net weight:84G(without package)