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    Ergonomic Child 3-36 months Fanny Pack Carry Support Novelty!

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    • Make your child comfortable with you, and create a secure yet loose hold so your child feels even more comfortable and secure with you in their arms.

    • Save your back by maintaining an ergonomic posture, and you won't have back pain after a long day with your child.

    • Reinforced seat area, which helps your child sit stable and secure, so that your child can not fall out down and you are always in control.

    • Extra storage space integrated with, which allows you to have everything you need on the go, which means that you can have water bottle, diaper or even a burp cloth immediately at hand.

    • Discover the beautiful design, which allows you to look good through the simple design, making you on the go a beautiful multifunctional fanny pack around that you do not have to take off like ordinary "baby carriers" when the child is not worn.



    What material are the products made of?

    ✅ The material is polyester cotton

    Can the child slip off?

    ✅ No! Due to the reinforced seat, the material does not give way, so that a safe sitting of the child is guaranteed.

    How many pockets has the fanny pack?

    ✅ A very spacious main compartment under the seat, and 2 more smaller compartments on the sides.

    How heavy can the child be?

    ✅ The maximum load of the stretcher is 30 kg.