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    Electroplated large window phone case

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    Large window design
    The large window case is made of a sturdier material and has a larger screen area, it can effectively prevent accidental damage such as scratches and drops, thus extending the life of the phone.


    Original texture
    The back panel is made of a new hardened PC material, which is hard and durable, and adds a noble and elegant touch to the case. In addition, the plating process can also give the surface of the case a metallic lustre, making it more beautiful.


    Long-lasting and durable
    With industrial grade dustproof holes, the speaker does not block sound or get dust. The strong anti-fingerprint and anti-oil coating, from the source of material to solve the problem of yellowing, anti-oxidation, as long as new.



    • Material: PC
    • Color: Deep Sky Black, Deep Sky Grey, Dark Purple, Gold, Silver White, Light Blue, Pale Ridge Green, Light Pink
    • Product weight: 44g
    • Process: Electroplating

    Package includes: 

    1 X Electroplated large window phone case