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    How to install?

    Dynamic startup technology allows for a smooth transition between on and off. Easy installation and compact fit creates an aura which projects the led between the hood avoiding a spotty patchy look and instead creating a sleek beam like lighting.  


    With a unique dynamic startup and multiple different connections to choose from the HoodBeam is built different. Add a little something extra that will leave your friends speechless.


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    Q:What is the difference between the new dynamic scanning version and the old version of the constant light?

    A:The new dynamic scan version is first dynamic scan and then always on; the old version of the permanent light version is open directly when the permanent light

    Q:Can  be cut short?

    A:The dynamic scanning model is not recommended to be cut short because the midpoint of the flow will not be automatically centered after cutting.


    1. Newly designed car decorative lights with start-up scanning function.
    2. High light lamp beads, 50% brightness than the other.
    3. Side LED and corresponding hood design can provide you better lighting effect.
    4. Independent voltage regulator, better voltage regulation function, longer lifespan

    Installation tips:

    1. Apply double-sided tape to the two inner sides of the cover.

    2.Fix the light bar on the double-sided tape.

    3.Wire connection:
    A. The black wire is connected to the negative pole + the red wire is connected to the ACC = the engine starts to light up.
    B. The black wire is connected to the negative pole + the red wire is connected to the DRL = turn on the DRL to light up.
    C. You can install anywhere you want



    • Brand Name:
    • Votage: 12V
    • Wattgae: 6W
    • Fitment:Universal car
    • Length:180cm
    • Color:White,Ice blue,Blue,Red
    • Material:Silica gel+LED
    • Features:Scan Starting, Dynamic light
    • Function: Driving light, Daylight
    • Application:Daytime running light, Car hood light, Car
    • decorative light strip,Auto tuning Accessories
    • Package:1 piece