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    ZahoFlame Lighters

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    CrocFlame Lighter

    Comes with the Dragon and Croc model.


    Mega Lighter

     Lucky Green Ace

    Have you ever seen green fire before?


    Reusable Match

    The match that never runs out


    Everything Pink

    Pink Lighter. Pink Flame. How much more pink could you want?



    Woah, is that a lightsaber?

    Jet Lighter

    A super realistic LightSaber, except more of a LightDagger


    They are:

    • Refillable & Reusable - Fill with Butane (Reusable match fills with lighter fluid)
    • Adjustable Flame Size
    • Windproof - Stay lit in a breeze
    • Durable Full Metal Construction

    *Due to transport regulations, all lighters come empty of butane and lighter fluid

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    *Use at your own risk