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    ZahoBrush™ Cordless Hair Straightener

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    This Cordless hair straightening brush is the perfect/must-have tool for your on the go touchups, whether you're at work, in school, or traveling, ZahoBrush makes sure that wherever you are, your hair always looks great!

    It’s compact and lightweight, so without taking up much space it will fit easily in your handbag, for instant access to a quick Touch up

    Suitable For All Hair Types

    With three different adjustable heat settings, this cordless hair brush is perfect for people who are looking to reduce frizz, speed up their morning routine, or style any type of hair. Whether you have fine and thin locks or coarse curls - our brush will be able to get your hair healthy-looking and glossy in no time at all!

    Have beautiful hair ready in minutes

    With ZahoBrush™  need to spend 30 minutes curling or ironing before every event, our full-sized hot brush that heats up quickly in 30 seconds to reach 374 degrees Fahrenheit. and helps you achieve the perfect hairstyle efficiently while saving you precious time.


    Travel around the world while still keeping your desired hairstyle

    With only 210g weight, ZahoBrush™ Hair Straightener doesn’t weigh down on your bag. No matter you are at work or at a party, it can be the ideal option for you to make a quick & convenient hair straightening. Keeps you always a party queen with your fantastic hair style, amazing all people around you.




    Who is it For?

    your next trip, at the office, or in school, this cordless, lightweight, and compact straightener is a must-have for your on the Go Touchups

    How long does it take to heat up when turned on?

    The Zahobrush takes only 30 Seconds to heat up.

    What is the highest temperature of the hair straightener?

    The highest temperature of the hair straightener is up to 374℉.

    there are 3 temperature levels: 302℉, 338℉ & 374℉

    How much run time does the battery give you?

    From a full charge, you can achieve up to 30 minutes cord-free styling from the ZahoBrush straightener. The exact run-time depends on your hair type and styling habits.

    How Long does a full charge takes ?

    A full charge takes just 90 minutes. To maximize your run time, place it in charge when not in use and in between styling sections.