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    My CleanScreen™ 

    If you looking for an easy and effective way to clean your phone or computer screen? Look no further than this Screen Cleaner!
    This 2-in-1 spray and microfiber cloth combo is perfect for keeping your screens clean and free of fingerprints, smudges, and dust. The best part? It's quick and easy to use - simply spray the solution on your screen and wipe it with the microfiber cloth. Safe to use on all types of screens, including LCD, LED, and plasma.
    Keep your screens looking like new!

    Small and easy to carry❤️
    Refillable - 10ml

    Size: 9*2.7*2.7cm
    Package Includes: 1 spray bottle with Liquid


    Step 1 Spray on your surface

    Step 2
    Use the microfiber flannel body to wipe your screen

    Step 3 Enjoy your shiny screen



    The cell phone is one of the dirtiest objects in our everydays live. Its 5x dirtier than most toilet seats. You should keep your screens clean, and thats easy with the CleanScreen™

    Everybody remembers to wash their hands multiple times a day, but forget about their phone screen. The reason your phone holds so many germs is because it remains warm throughout the day due to of how often we use it. The environment allows bacteria to grow very easily and puts you at a bigger risk of infection.

    Change it today with our screen cleaner!