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    Black Twisted-Loop Drying Towel

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    Material & Design

    ✓ Made With Ultra Absorbent Long Pile Twisted Microfiber Weave

    ✓ 36 x 24 inche I 60X90 cm

    ✓ 1400 GSM (Grams/Sq Meter)

    ✓ 75/25 Polyester/Polyamide Blend

    ✓ Double-Sided Design That Allows For Maximum Surface Area And Absorbance

    Can this dry my ____?

    Bikes, Motorcycles, Wraps, Uncoated, Coated, Plastic, Metal, Paint, and more

    ALL Surfaces and Vehicles!

    Care Guide (Included In Your Order)

    How Do I Wash The Drying Towel?

    1. Wash with w mild detergent with no special additives & cold water with only clean towels (Prevent cross-contaminating such as break dust and wax).

    2. Dry your towel on a low heat setting to prevent damaging the microfiber.

    How Often Do I Wash It?

    We recommend washing your towel after every 1-2 uses. This relieves the fibers of any dirt that may have been picked up and eliminates the risk of scratching the vehicle.

    We do not recommend drying using a spray wax, or washing using a fabric softener because it will clog the towel and make it less absorabant!


    The Black Twisted Loop Drying Towel is made from High-Grade Korean Split Microfiber.

    It's woven with Twisted Loop Technology, which increases the surface area of the towel, making it more absorbent than any normal microfiber towel.

    The Black Twisted Loop Drying Towel leaves behind a streak-free finish after drying, saving you time, and the headache of drying the vehicle multiple times over.