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    Back Shaver Hair

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    Product Name

    Replacment blades Back Shaver Razor Personal BOdy Grooming Stainless steel Blade Back Shaver

    Product Description

    EASACE is one of the top 5 grooming product supporter in Asia, now join smt with recognized product and quality functions. Factories supports up to 250 offline stores and online stores.

    Specification: Back Hair Shaver/10 Refill Razors Dimensions for The Shaver (Connectors Included): - 5.1"(W) x 14.1-21.6"(H)/ 13cm(W) 36-55cm(H)

    Dimensions for Package: - 5.2"(W) x 14.3"(H)/ 15cm(W) x38cm(H)

    Shipping Weight: - 0.35lbs / 160g Net Weight: - 0.33lbs / 150g

    Material: - Antirust Steel - Aluminum Alloy - ABS Plastic - High Density Foam - Nylon Weave

    Components: - Alternative Shaving Head: 1 pc - Water-Proof Handle with Hanger Strip: 1 pc - Original Blade on Head: 1 pc - Extra CLOUD Refill Razors: 10 pcs - Instruction Manual: 1 pc