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    PocketVocab™ - Audible Flashcards For Children

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    Make Learning Fun and Effortless

    Help your child succeed in school by improving their speech, vocabulary and communication skills!

    With over 200 cards of animals, food, fruits, and more, this fun and educational device expands your little one’s vocabulary while having fun!

    Unleash Your Child’s Full Potential

     Get Rid Of Distracting Tech Gadgets

    This interactive toy creates the link between words, objects and sounds - allowing them to pair them together in their head, and improving pronunciation and vocabulary.

    Children will fall in love with this educational toy at once and forget about using tablets or phones. It will give them a lot to learn and eliminate time-wasting devices.

    Proven To Reduce Risk Of Speech Disorders

    Learning how to communicate and proper language skills at an early age reduces the risk of speech disorders such as stuttering, apraxia, and dysarthria.

    Reduces Risk Of Speech Disorders

    Easy 3-Step Setup!

    1. Insert the card into the device
    2. Device will clearly pronounce the word and sound
    3. Press the repeat button to repeat the pronunciation and sound effect

    Portable and Safe To Use

    The small size and lightweight design of these educational talking flashcards make it easy to carry in hand.

     The edges of the cards are smooth and non-hurting for kids. Children of 4-6 years of age can use it independently and have fun while learning new things.

    You Are Your Toddler's First Teacher