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    ScreenCar - CarPlay & Android Auto

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    ScreenCar Is The Driving Essential

    With its easy setup, you can say goodbye to costly installations and hello to hassle-free sound. Simply plug it in your cigarette lighter port and enjoy fully functional CarPlay on the go.

    Instant CarPlay For Everyone

    Integrate your phone into your car's audio system with Drivemate.

    No wiring needed - mount it on your dashboard and connect via Bluetooth or USB for hands-free access to navigation, calls, texts, and music

    Installation Couldn't Be Easier!

    Upgrade your car's head unit effortlessly with Drivemate.

    Mount it on the dash, connect to your phone via CarPlay/Android Auto, and choose your audio output. No wiring required - use FM,AUX, or Bluetooth.

    Advanced Mirroring Technology

    Our CarPlay device features advanced mirroring technology, enabling you to connect your phone and use it as a second screen in your car.

    With this feature, you can easily watch movies, TV shows, and other content on your phone while on the road. The mirroring technology also supports other phone functions such as navigation, messaging, and social media, allowing you to stay connected and productive while driving.

    Whether you're traveling long distances or stuck in traffic, our CarPlay device with mirroring technology ensures that you stay entertained and connected.


    How can ScreenCar be connected?

    ScreenCar can be connected to your car via FM signal transmission (Radio Channel), AUX cable, or Bluetooth.

    What are the features of ScreenCar?

    ScreenCar features include flush mounting to the dash, telescopic arm with customizable viewing angles, dual USB charger, wireless/wired mirror link, compatibility with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, easy installation, and voice controls.

    What is the wireless/wired mirror link feature?

    The wireless/wired mirror link feature allows you to synchronize your phone and car stereo, and mirror movies for your passengers to watch during long trips.