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    Sun & Rain, Ring buckle umbrella, Reflective Safety Strip, Sturdy Windproof, Travel Portable

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    The shaft are made of the premium metal materials, which is light, robust and does not rust, making the ribs of the umbrella resistant to bending and resisting strong winds. The ribs, made from a fibreglass material, is wind-resistant that is difficult to be damaged even when folded 180 degrees.

    Folding design, easy to carry. The rainy surface will be inside when the umbrella is closed, so you won't have to worry about getting wet even if you touch the umbrella (the dry surface is outside). They are stored inside, so clothes and luggage will not get wet and the people around you not be disturbed.

    By adopting a reflective safety strip structure, it attracts attention even at night walk and improves safety. Escort your safety, whether at day or night.

    Product parameters

    Type: Tri-fold reverse reflective edge umbrella
    Color: Rice color, starry sky black
    Product name: Ring buckle reverse automatic umbrella
    Umbrella cloth material: 310T impact cloth
    Weight: 422 grams