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    3 in 1 Personal Alarm - Stun Gun - flashlight

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    Make some noise for the Personal Alarm Stun Gun!
    This mini stun gun keychain is a 3-in-1 self-defense GIANT inside! The 180-lumen LED flashlight is bright enough to light the way in dark spaces, so you see danger before it sees you. The panic alarm is a LOUD 110 decibels, and an effective deterrent to assailants. The stun device discharges 26 million volts if those not so smart attackers need more persuading to back off. The rechargeable battery is charged with the included USB cord, so you don't have to buy expensive, hard to find batteries.
    Color: Black, Purple, Pink,
    Function: LED Light, Electric Shock. Personal Alarm
    Charger: USB
    Style: ‎Rechargeable