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    LED InstaLight™

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     The Alix Earle Light

    The Only Lighting you need to get that Insta look.

    The reason you're taking 100 photos and choosing between flash and no flash is that you don't have the right lighting. 

    Clip's on to your phone. Voila. Ready for BOMB pics.

    The InstaLight solves every content creator, IG user, and Photographer's issue to giving perfect natural lighting at any time, anywhere with a rechargeable portable clip-on phone light. 

    Rechargable + Portable

    It is extremely bright, with many tones of color temperature depending on if you want to look more tanned or a little cooler in your snaps etc. 

     Warm & Cool Lighting with natural lighting brightness.

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    Packing List:
    LED InstaLight *1
    Front Clip*1
    Rear Clip*1
    Miro Charging Cable*1