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    Double Knee Brace

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    Made of high-quality neoprene and medical-grade silicone to facilitate optimal comfort when you walk, the KneeFix® dual knee strap provides targeted knee support to help alleviate knee pain so you can do daily tasks without worrying about pain and allows you to squat and stand easier, walk lighter, run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier, all while keeping you 100% safe. Reduce existing knee pain, protect against injury, and enhance your performance.



    The Lower compression tube offers patellar tendon support, while the Upper compression tube particularly targets quadriceps misalignment to help improve patellar tracking. They both are designed to boost and regain overall knee stability, decrease the stress over the patella without compromising freedom of movements!

    Recommended For: Arthritis, Patellar Tendonitis (also called Jumper's Knee), Osteoarthritis, Chondromalacia (also called chondromalacia patellae or Runner’s Knee), IT Band Syndrome, Osgood-Schlatters, Meniscus Tears or Thinning, Moderate Knee Sprains, and Knee Strains. 

    Why choose a double cheekbones strap?

    The X-shaped design is used to continuously press the patella during exercise to protect the patella and reduce friction. The adjustable straps let you customize your support and deliver the perfect fit. Simple to wear (fits under clothing) and easy to put on, The Patella Stabilizing Dual Knee Strap can be worn during daily activities and sports. 


    Do you play sports or engage in physical activity? Lift heavy things on the job or around the house? Sit or stand for long periods of time? Or just want to feel great? 

    The Dual™ Power Knees are designed for all ages, genders, and body types, including those with and without pre-existing knee problems. 

    Wear it anywhere for performance or pain relief: working, exercising, recovery, walking, running, hiking, gardening, or even just to get around the house in comfort.

    Key Benefits of KneeFix®:

    • Assists with reducing the pain associated with many common injuries etc.
    • Reduce Knee Pain & Gain Support
    • Assists with alignment and keeping the knee cap in place
    • Adjustable straps to fit multiple shapes and sizes
    • Designed to wear all day without having to constantly adjust the strap
    • Double layers pressurization 
    • Protect your kneecap

    Accelerated Natural Recovery

    By stimulating and boosting blood circulation around the joint, our brace helps the body naturally heal itself more effectively. Enjoy a stable recovery with extra padding around the knee cap and comfy skin-friendly neoprene. The adjustable strapping and simple design can brace knees of almost any shape and size. Incredibly versatile and effective support for alleviating chronic pain and acute injuries. 

    Dual Knee Brace

    Speed Up Recovery, Get back up!

    Do not just stand on the sideline knowing we can do something with that nagging knee pain!

    Dual Knee Strap provides the optimal support makes it an ideal running knee brace and runner’s knee strap.

    Relieve Knee Pain & Protect Your Joint

    Reduce pain and recover faster from arthritis, joint pain relief, tendonitis, post-surgery, swelling as well as strains and sprains. Designed to reduce inflammation or swelling after an injury and help you recover from surgery. 

    Instructions: Place the center of the “X” knee strap at the back of your knee and wrap the straps around to the front.
    The longer strap should be placed above the knee and the shorter strap below the knee, 1.5-2” from the center of the kneecap. Use one of the openings to adjust the size.
    Fasten the straps, so they are comfortable and tight, but not too tight to restrict blood circulation.

    Please note: This product is not a substitute for medical care. Always seek professional medical advice for the diagnosis and treatment of pain, injury, or irritation

    Maintenance: Wash in warm water with a mild detergent and let it air dry. Avoid sun drying! Preferably, clean after each use to prevent the growth of bacteria.



    • Adjustable Size: fits knee circumference from 12" to 18" (30 to 46 cm) measured two inches above the kneecap;
    • Made of high-quality neoprene, terrycloth (inner lining)and medical-grade silicone (tubes inside the brace); 
    • Dual velcro straps for better fixation; 

    • High-density medical-grade silicone tubes inside the straps for better patellar tracking;
    • Low-profile design – can be easily worn under your pants;
    • Comfortable and Stays In Place. Open patella design doesn't restrict your movement and lets you do any physical activity with ease. 


    I have tried many different knee braces. So far, this is the one that provided a decent amount of pain relief. I have severe arthritis in my legs and this compression is very very helpful.
    - Josh N.

    At first, I was skeptical about buying the braces. I have tried other brands before and sadly it didn’t work out. I guess I made the right decision trying again. The brace fits perfectly and provides ultimate comfort. A great value for money!
    - Leandra N.

    Received my brace and put it on right away, the fit was perfect and I could feel the strength it gave me and I could walk better and with less pain. Very comfortable! I feel like I can walk all day without my knee aching. Wonderful product!
    - Emely S. 

    Are you suffering from knee pain while doing any sort of exercise and does walking feel like a huge task?

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