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    Portable Charging Shower, Outdoor, Pet bath

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    Whether hiking deep in the forest, surfing some waves or lounging poolside, everyone stays clean with the Battery Powered Portable Outdoor Shower by zaho. This easy handheld device draws water from a bucket, sink or similar receptacle, converting it into a gentle, steady, shower-like stream that’s perfect for everything from personal bathing to watering flowers. When washing babies or toddlers, parents enjoy hands-free convenience with the unit’s integrated suction-cup and S-style hanging system. Meanwhile, adventurous campers solve their water woes thanks to the shower’s active built-in filtration feature. Have a plumbing problem? Use it to get fresh and clean in a pinch. Dog loves to get dirty at the park? Shower him down in style. Our versatile showerhead serves multiple purposes, providing true on-the-go expedience you won’t find elsewhere. For handy H20 innovation you’ll enjoy for many outdoor outings to come, add an sundu Battery Powered Portable Outdoor Shower to your cart today.

    Versatile Shower System

    • Whether camping, hiking, gardening or cleaning, enjoy all the amenities of home without the need for plumbing. Simply place the pump in a bucket of water, and watch as it pushes a continuous stream up the hose and out the handheld showerhead.

    Gentle, Constant Stream

    • Operating at a consistent .66 gal/minute, our portable shower offers ideal pressure that’s comfortable for infants, the elderly, small pets and delicate plants. Go from washing your kids or car to hosing down outdoor animals in a matter of minutes. Its applications are endless.

    Rechargeable 2200mAh Lithium Battery

    • Shower anywhere, and limit your environmental footprint with a discreet device that quickly charges via an included USB cable. The lightweight, powerful gadget plugs easily into a laptop or 12-volt car adapter and provides up to 60 minutes of use on a single 1- to 2-hour charge.(2200 mAh can be used for 60 minutes)

    Hands-Free Hanging

    • Designed for ultimate convenience, the 1.9-pound unit comes ready with a suction cup holder, S-shaped hanging hook and flexible 6.5-foot hose. The system allows you to suspend it safely from a tree, against a car window or anywhere you need hands-free advantage.

    How do I charge it?
    While at home, simply plug the USB cord (included) into the unit and into a USB compatible device such as a laptop or computer. If your wall outlet has an integrated USB charger, that’s even better. If you’re on the road, you’ll need a 12V USB car adapter (not included), which plugs into your cigarette lighter for easy charging while camping, at the beach, on vacation or at the park.
    How big is it?
    From the pump to the shower handle, you’ll have approximately 5.9 feet of flexible hose to move about. The entire unit spans nearly 6.5 feet, so that’s plenty of distance to hang it from an existing indoor shower curtain rod or high above your head from the branch of an outdoor tree. Still, remember that the entire device is compact and lightweight, so it stows comfortably in your backpack without worry.