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    Hypnos Sleep Headphones

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    We understand your struggle with sleep. The amazing sleep you had as a child now seems a distant memory and wholly unattainable. The Hypnos provides you with the tools you need to reclaim it.

    Our Hypnos Sleep Headphones help you:

    • Greatly reduce the time spent waiting for sleep to come.
    • Fall asleep and stay asleep until the morning.
    • Wake up feeling energised without the grogginess that comes with a poor night's sleep.

    Our sleep headphones were designed by a light sleeper (just like yourself) to provide wearable comfort that helps you drift off to sleep effortlessly, ideal for sleep, travel, meditation, and getting that relaxation time we all need.

    World's Best Night Sleep Plan

    1. Connect to your device via Bluetooth in seconds (instructions included).
    2. Play your favorite sleep-inducing audio (audiobooks, podcasts, guided meditations or ambient sounds like soft rain)
    3. Snuggle into bed and drift off to sleep in minutes.
    4. Feel that jump-out-of-bed energy the next morning! 

    Three Ingredients To Amazing Sleep

    1. No external light.
    2. No distracting, irregular sounds (creaking houses, snoring or noisy housemates).
    3. A cool room.

    Buying your pair of Hypnos Sleep Headphones gets you two-thirds of the way there. Amazing sleep is as easy as adjusting the AC!

    The Power Of Sound

    Listening to calming audio helps to:

    • Slow breathing
    • Lower heart rate & blood pressure
    • Calm the nervous system
    • Ease muscle tension
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Trigger the release of sleep-friendly hormones like serotonin while reducing sleep-stifling hormones like cortisol. 


    Why You Can't Afford To Hesitate

    If you’ve suffered from deteriorating sleep, we have some bad news for you: If you don’t do anything about it, it’s only going to get worse.

    The parts of the brain that deteriorate the earliest are the same regions that give you deep, regenerative sleep. Sadly, some of us are hit harder than others. 

    We provide you with the tools you need to regain control of your sleep based on the latest in sleep research and technology.

    Before purchasing, we like to ask all our customers: what if your sleep never gets better? 


    You're Standing At A Crossroads

    The road to the left is the way you’ve been doing things — it’s rough, rocky, and full of pitfalls. The way to the right is smooth, paved, and leads to a sunny valley.

    Your choice is clear:

    • Cross your fingers in hope that your sleep returns to how it once was, or
    • Take active steps towards getting the best possible sleep TODAY.